Junk Or Treasure?

by Teresa Foo

    “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” Have you heard that saying before? Well, I think it’s worth thinking about. Why would my junk be a treasure to someone else? After all, it’s junk in my eyes.

Okay, what is the definition of junk? Basically, it is defined as old or discarded articles that are considered useless, or of little value. So, why would my discarded articles be of use to someone else? This brought me to a memory I have of an old trunk that I noticed one day when we lived in Indiana. Someone had thrown it away and it was sitting at the curbside. It caught my eye, and for some reason, I saw a treasure in that trunk! My husband questioned it for a moment saying, “Trese, it’s not worth it, it’s really beat up.” Of course, at first glance that is what it seemed, but he gave in to my request and loaded it up in our pickup. So, the next day I began to restore it. It was “trash” in someone’s eyes, but not mine!

It took me quite awhile to restore it, but I got it done! Day by day I worked on it. I sanded it, stripped it, and varnished it. As I did this, God began to show me that this trunk was like many of us. A lot of times we don’t see value in ourselves. We must keep in mind, that all of us have value in Christ, the saved and unsaved alike.

You are a treasure. Yes, a treasure worthy of His love! Everyone has a purpose. You are God’s creation and nothing less and He has a plan for you. That’s right . . . . . YOU!