The fields of the earth are ripe for harvest and God is doing a great work in Ghana, West Africa and India!   C.M.M. is blessed to have a small part in it.

On the following pages, you will find various articles but the most important ones are the evangelism reports.  At least once a month the Covenant Messenger Ministries Outreach Team in Ghana visits villages and cities giving their testimonies, passing out tracts, praying with and for people in their service to the Lord.  There is nothing more important than bringing the lost into the Kingdom of God and it is very rare when the team returns without a good report of people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

In addition to Ghana, we are also sponsoring two ministries in India.  Both are bringing hundreds to the Lord, baptizing and discipling the new converts as well.  Each month, C.M.M. is sending support to Grace Children’s Home in India.  A home for children without parents and others from dysfunctional families.   At present the school supports about 37 children.   It is a daily struggle for the staff to provide bare necessities for the children.  Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.    

Please read the following accounts of salvations,  deliverances, and healings and may you be blessed as you do.   

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Outreach to Hweehwee in the Eastern Region – February 17, 2021.

(Below is the report recently received from the Outreach Team in Ghana)    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! After the Kumasi Mampongteng Graduation and ordination,  we rested for a week and travelled last week to Hweehwee in the Eastern Region near Nkawkaw. On Wednesday 17th of February, 2021, beginning at 9 a.m. the outreach team traveled almost 4 hours to Hweehwee in the Eastern Region near Nkawkaw Mountains. While there, we shared 544 Gospel tracts, preached the word, and explained the messages on the tracts to the people.  107 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ and we ...
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The 70 Weeks of Daniel – (a teaching by Val Black)

It has been said that "God works in mysterious ways" but the more we study the Bible the less the mysteries are to us and instead of mystery, we discover revelations of God's ways to accomplish His will. The Book of Daniel is essential to know for every student of Bible prophecy.   It has been described as the Book of Revelation of the Old Testament.   In Daniel, we are shown how God works to bring forth His plans for Israel and mankind in general.   Daniel chapter 9 reveals to the reader the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah and His ...
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Graduation Services at Mampongteng – January 30, 2021

On January 30, 2021, C.M.M. Director, Joseph Boachie Danquah, his son Joshua, Rev. Stephen Narty, and outreach team leader, Rev. John Harrison, traveled to Mompongteng in the Ashanti Region of Ghana where graduation services were held. Graduations have been postponed for many months because of the pandemic but a few have taken place, including this most recent one.   In all, 24 people were graduated with 15 being ordained for ministry in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Below are photos:  ...
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Pastors Evangelize a Remote Village in India

On February 11, 2021 Rev. Cornelius and other pastors hired a TukTuk (Rickshaw) and traveled to a remote village to share the Gospel.   It was reported no one had ever visited to share the Good News of Jesus Christ before so this was a first.   The evangelists passed out 40 Gospel tracts and preached the Gospel to 90 people.  There was no word received of any salvations but by the photos the message was well received.  It is certain that if funds are provided to make a return trip, the evangelists will revisit the village and prayerfully, witness many salvations.   ...
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Mountain Tribal Outreach In India – January 11, 2021

(A note from Val:  When all is said and done in this world only one thing that will stand for all of eternity is the answer to the question, "Do you know Jesus as Savior?".   Your voting preference will not matter, nor will the balance in your checkbook, the home you own, or the car you drive.  The number of friends you have will not matter and whether you have a close relationship with your pastor or priest will be lost in time.   The most important answer to the question asked above is, "Yes! I know Him!".   The report you ...
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Outreach to Abompe – December 23-24, 2020

(While most of us were celebrating Christmas Eve with friends and family, the Covenant Messenger Outreach Team was traveling the road and bringing people to Jesus.  Below is the report from team leader, Rev. John Harrison)  Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! On December 23 the journey wasn't easy as we traveled to Abompe in the Eastern Region of Ghana for 2 ½ hours.  Once we arrived, we began to witness to others, sharing tracts and praying with people to accept Jesus as Savior.  We stayed overnight and continued to witness on the 24th.    God put a hedge ...
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Celebrating Christmas – Grace Children’s Home in India – December 20, 2020

Thanks to the love and faithfulness of a few supporters of the ministry we were able to relay support to Rev. Sikila Cornelius, founder of Grace Children's Home in India.  On December 20, 2020 a great celebration of our Lord's birth took place with over 800 attending and sharing in a meal.   Children, widows and pastors received gifts of clothing, etc., during the celebration. Photos below do not need much explanation as the smiles on their faces says it all.   They were blessed and we give God all the glory for it. Many thanks to those of you who gave ...
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Outreach to Ofoese – December 2, 2020

Outreach to Ofoese – December 2, 2020 Greetings in the name of our Lord JESUS Christ, the name above all names. By God’s grace, on Wednesday 2nd December 2020, we travelled for over 3 hours 30 minutes to Ofoese in the Ashanti Akyem District of Ghana.   Ofoese is 210 kilometers (130 miles) from Accra. We arrived in the afternoon and by the grace of God we minister to the sick, preached, shared Gospel tracts and explained the messages on the tracts.   It was an amazing experience as we prayed for a man who had been crippled with stroke for 4 ...
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Outreach to Amedzofe – November 25-26, 2020

Greetings in the name of JESUS Christ our Lord!   By the grace of the Lord, the team travelled to Amedzofe in the VOLTA  Region of GHANA, specifically Ho North District.  Amedzofe is a settlement in the  mountains and has quite a number of waterfalls. This has made it one of the major tourist sites in the region.  It so happens that the district experiences relatively more rainfall as compared to many districts in Ghana. Our journey from Accra to Amedzofe took about 4 hours and 30 minutes.  We traveled to Amedzofe on Wednesday 25th of November 2020 and got there in the ...
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On this Thanksgiving Day my wife, Julie, and I wish you the very best and may the Holy Spirit flood your hearts and home with His presence! Thanksgiving Day has brought to mind a Gospel tract that I wrote many years ago.  It was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek message.   I had previously been writing and printing other more serious tracts and thought the title, Free Lunch, would catch people's attention.   To my surprise it has turned out to be one of the most popular messages used by the C.M.M. team when witnessing to others.   So, if you haven't read ...
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