The fields of the earth are ripe for harvest and God is doing a great work in Ghana, West Africa and India!   C.M.M. is blessed to have a small part in it.

On the following pages, you will find various articles but the most important ones are the evangelism reports.  At least once a month the Covenant Messenger Ministries Outreach Team in Ghana visits villages and cities giving their testimonies, passing out tracts, praying with and for people in their service to the Lord.  There is nothing more important than bringing the lost into the Kingdom of God and it is very rare when the team returns without a good report of people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

In addition to Ghana, we are also sponsoring two ministries in India.  Both are bringing hundreds to the Lord, baptizing and discipling the new converts as well.  Each month, C.M.M. is sending support to Grace Children’s Home in India.  A home for children without parents and others from dysfunctional families.   At present the school supports about 37 children.   It is a daily struggle for the staff to provide bare necessities for the children.  Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.    

Please read the following accounts of salvations,  deliverances, and healings and may you be blessed as you do.   

Outreach to Akyem Asamanma – October 7, 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord JESUS Christ. On Wednesday 7th October, 2020 We travelled to Asamanma in the Eastern Region. We travelled 2 hours 45 minutes from Accra to Akyem Asamanma and arrived around  11 a.m.   The weather wasn't good but we have a duty to accomplish as Paul admonish Timothy that he should do the work of an evangelist. There was a woman selling alcoholic drinks who didn't want to hear preaching about our Lord.  By God’s Grace, we visited her and we did share the Gospel with her.  In the beginning it was difficult, but she ...
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Outreach to Obugu – September 14-18, 2020

Greetings in the name of the King of Kings! By the grace of God, we drove for about 4 hours to Obogu in Ashanti Akyem on Monday 14th September 2020.  We arrived exactly at 11 a.m. We preached, shared Gospel tracts, and explained the gospel on the tracts to the understanding of the people.  In the four days we were there we didn't encounter any problems and we shared about 612 tracts doing the work of the evangelist as Paul admonished Timothy to do. To the Glory of God 177 persons gave their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior!  We ...
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Outreach to Adakalu Akpetsu – September 2, 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!   On Wednesday 2nd September 2020 and by the Grace of God, we were able to travel to Adakalu Akpetsu in the Volta Region of Ghana.  This area is known to be one of the demonic strongholds in the Volta Region. As the Bible says we were about our Father’s business by evangelizing the lost.  We started sharing tracts, preaching, explaining the messages on the tracts to their understanding and God worked with us by confirming His Word with salvations, miracles and healings! It was a powerful evangelism as the sick were ...
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Bible Prophecy by Val Black

Signs of the end-times are all around us and Jesus could return at any moment.   Sadly, many people are not aware of what is happening in the world that is fulfilling prophecy.  Bible prophecy is not being taught in many churches because of lack of interest, ignorance of prophecy scriptures, or pastors have not been prepared to teach Bible prophecy while attending seminary or Bible school.   America has been receiving "wake-up" calls from God.  All you have to do is turn on the evening news to see and hear of it but if not familiar with particular scriptures you will ...
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Outreach to Aposika – August 25–26, 2020

  ~ Below is the report from Ghana on the latest evangelism outreach  ~ Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Beloved it's always joy in the Lord for us to work the works of God while we are still alive.  Joy filled our hearts for doing the work of evangelism.  The team left Accra on Tuesday night (August 25) by bus and traveled for about 5 hours before we arrived at Aposika, which was about 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning. After resting a while, we started to evangelize the lost by preaching the Gospel of our Lord ...
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Outreach to Enyan Abaasa – August 5, 2020

On Wednesday 5th August 2020, we set out to Enyan Abaasa in the Central Region of Ghana.  Enyan Abaasa is about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  We got there at 12 noon and started our evangelism  activities. We shared tracts, preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and explained the messages in the tracts to the people of Enyan Abaasa.   We shared over 412 tracts and 121 people gave their lives to Jesus.    We also prayed for an elderly man who had not been able to walk but after receiving Jesus, he was able to walk again! We were very ...
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Outreach to Komenda – July 29, 2020

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ! On Wednesday 29th of July, 2020 we travelled to Komenda in the Edina District of the Central Region of Ghana.  It took us 3 ½ hours to reach Komenda.  Our goal was to preach the Gospel and share tracts to promote the work of God and to do our Father's business by evangelizing the lost. As we normally do, we shared 379 Gospel tracts,  preached the Word, and explained the messages on the tracts to the people.   By God’s grace 134 people gave their lives to Jesus including one Muslim lady ...
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Three Widows Walk 5 Miles for Food

We just received word from Rev. Cornelius in India that three widows showed up at his door asking for food.  They heard that he was helping others and so they walked five miles and back for a little rice.   This is the reality of suffering brought on by Covid-19.   In normal time widows usually depend on their children, other family members and/or friends to survive.  Now that people are not able to work it is causing many hardships, especially widows and children.   James 1: 7, "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless ...
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Feeding the Hungry in India – July 2020

The Covid-19 situation in India is not getting any better.   So many people are in lockdown and unable to work to provide for their families.  Pastors and their families are starving because church services are cancelled and no tithes or offerings are coming in, which is their only source of income.    This ministry supports Rev. Sikila Cornelius and his orphanage but the support we send to him also goes to help feed the needy.  We were blessed to learn that because of offerings we have received for India in July, Rev. Cornelius was not only able to feed the ...
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Outreach to Kukuom – Ahafo Region of Ghana – July 7 – 9, 2020

The C.M.M. Evangelism Team was used mightily by God in this outreach to the village of Kukuom in Ghana.   It is their heart's desire to preach the Gospel in every Region of the nation of Ghana and they are certainly well on their way.    In this outreach 149 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.   Below is the most recent report from Reverend  John Harrison, the leader of the team.  Please read it and be blessed! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We praise God for another successful journey to preach and evangelize the lost for ...
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