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Outreach to Assin Asempanaye – June 29, 2021


Greetings in the Name above every name, Jesus!

We give God the Glory for His mercies and protection. Always granting us traveling mercies and turning the heart of those who don’t know him to Accept His as Lord and Savior.

On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, we traveled to Assin Asempanaye in the Central Region of Ghana.  Asempanaye means Good News in the Ghanaian language.

We traveled over 4 hours for 205 kilometers (128 miles).  We arrived at midday and rested a while then started our evangelism activities.

As we ministered by sharing tracts and explaining the message on the tracts the people received the word of God with gladness of heart.  In the process many gave their lives to Jesus Christ and several rededicated their lives to Him.

We thank God for making it possible for us.   We also pray for you all for supporting us to do the Father’s business.  Together we are an unbeatable team.

God bless you all.

Rev. John Harrison

Photos below: