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Outreach to Akwadum- April 21, 2019

Team members, John, Matthew, David, and Michael traveled to Akwadum in the Eastern Region of Ghana on April 21st around 9:30 am to share tracts and explain the Gospel message to the people.

Left to right:  Matthew, Micheal, David and team leader John.    They shared 339 tracts and by the grace of God, 78 people gave their lives to Jesus!
Explaining the Gospel message on the tracts.


A beautiful captured photo of children and adults praying together.


This man was hearing the Gospel message.


Praying for these women.


Joining hands in agreement while praying for this woman.

On their journey, they met a man whose legs had been paralyzed for two years.  As the men prayed, this man was completely healed.  He stood up, jumping, and leaping! 

This man’s legs were paralyzed.


After praying, the man stood up.


The man jumped and leaped!


Praise the Lord!
What a wonderful work by the Lord!

We praise the Lord for His wonderful work in Akwadum and ask Him to spur these new believers on to growing and learning more about God and His eternal Kingdom.  Amen!