GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Outreach to Nankese- May 2, 2019

The Lord is working in Nankese!  Nankese is in the eastern region of Ghana.  Covenant Messenger team members, John, Matthew, Michael, and David traveled together on May 2, 2019 to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They shared tracts with 279 people and 51 new people entered the Kingdom of God by accepting Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.  Hallelujah!

Sharing a tract with a couple of women.
Pretty soon, the children came out to listen!
Sharing the Gospel with a couple of young men.
Praying with a woman taking a break from the heat.

The team also prayed for the sick.  One young woman was having trouble with stiffness in her hand.  She was unable to lift, bend or twist her wrist.  After praying for her, this woman’s motion was restored by God!  See pictures below.

Sharing the Gospel with this young lady.
Praying for her hand to be healed.
Motion in her arm was restored!
Praise the Lord!
The C.M.M. team gives all praise to God Most High!  Here is a message from them:
Blessings to Almighty God and thanks to you all for supporting us to go out every week to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and share tracts to the glory of God.  We bless God for the healing and more importantly the souls who were saved.  Glory be to God!”