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Outreach to Abutia Teti – Nov. 20-21, 2019

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

On Wednesday the CMM outreach team traveled to Abutia Teti in the Volta Region.   An old town, Abutia was a German colony from 1884 to 1916 and was known then as Togoland.  Then from 1916 until 1945, Abutia was a British Colony before Ghana gained its independence in 1957.  It’s about a three hours drive from the home office in Accra.

There were 2 outstanding healings that took place. The pictures below show a woman in a pink dress who couldn’t stand and walk due to a fetish priest who put a curse on her when they had a misunderstanding.  She always felt a severe pain after that curse and has been unable to walk much for 5 months now.  As we shared the tract God is Not Mad at You and explained Jesus’ free gift of salvation that comes with divine healing, she believed. As we prayed for her, she stood, walked and went to fetch rainwater. Glory be to God!

         The team prays for her
      David encourages her to stand and walk
Michael praises God for her healing as she fetches water

The team preached the word of God, shared tracts, and explained the messages in the Ewe language despite the heavy rain on both Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.  They managed to share 197 tracts and preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to many. Twenty-seven people gave their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  Enjoy the pictures from this outreach.

     David trying to find his sandals he dropped into the water
       Michael seen picking some mangos
      Michael witnesses to this lady.


     She was having trouble walking so Michael prays for her
      Michael gives the woman a drink of water after praying for her
       David leads a woman to the Lord.

We bless God for your support and prayers that made all these healings and salvation of souls possible. 

Thank you.