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India Calling

In our support of men and women of God who daily work towards helping the poor and needy, who willingly share the Gospel and bring others into the Kingdom of Heaven, we are committed to helping as much as we are able, and we call for others who feel as we do, that laying up treasures in Heaven is thousands of times better than laying up material wealth on earth, to respond with prayer but financial help too.

There are many needs, but specific ones were given to us, in particular, by Rev. Cornelius, founder of Grace Children’s Home in India.  Here they are listed:

  • Bibles for new converts  (1 Bible costs $3)
  • Christmas needs for the children, widows, and Pastors of poor villages.
  • Better transportation so Pastor Cornelius can reach remote villages. (He is now using an old motorbike with thousands of miles on it.   A new motorbike would cost about $1400.  He can buy a used car for about $2000)
  • Finances to purchase sewing machines for their sewing school to train women to sew.  ($110 for each machine)
  • Clean drinking water.  ($650 to drill one well)
  • Bicycles for the village Pastors.  ($90 each)

Please note that Pastor Cornelius’s ministry is to the Dalits.  They are the lowest in India’s Caste system and very poor.  Pastor Cornelius is also a Dalit and can relate to their problems and lack of basic needs. 

If you are led by the Holy Spirit to give something to Pastor Cornelius and the children of Grace Children’s Home, click on the link below or send a check addressed to Covenant Messenger Ministries, 200 East Grant Ave., Shenandoah, IA 51601

Food For India Donation

The Dalit children of Grace Children’s Home, founded by Rev. Sikala Cornelius and his wife, Theresa.

Below are photos of Dalit villages visited by Rev. Cornelius last year.  

Food For India Donation