It’s Time . . .

by Teresa Foo

    It’s time, time to let go! That’s right, the time has come to forget the past and move on to bigger and better things! Have you ever heard that saying before? I know, so have I. The intentions behind it are meant to strengthen us and give us hope, which is comforting. It is nice to know that others truly care and are concerned about our well being. I may be the exception to the rule, but at times, those words of encouragement are just words. I know that seems rude and maybe unacceptable to some, but that is how I feel.

Okay, I guess the question is, why do I feel that way? Honestly, I’m not sure. I mean, I should be able to pick up and move on, as I imagine other Christians do, but for me, it’s not that easy. Am I alone? I don’t really think so. I think that there are others out there that feel the same. We, as God’s children, want to help and encourage each other because we truly care about one another. That is a good thing!

So, why is it so difficult to move on? We are God’s children, created in His image, right? The image of God, what does that even mean? When I think of an image, I think of looking into a mirror and seeing my own reflection. So, if we are created in God’s image we must be a reflection of Him! If we are a reflection of God, that must mean that we have a purpose, because He did! His purpose was to save the lost and heal the brokenhearted. Can I do that? Well, not on my own, for sure. I have to remember the image I now see in the mirror.  It’s not me anymore, it’s Christ! I know that the Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) That is so awesome!

So, it’s not me that has to figure it all out. Christ is there leading the way.

You know the neatest thing of it all? He does it just because He loves me and I love to be loved!!