Feeding The Hungry Of India – May 6, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown continues in India the people who live in remote villages are suffering to the point of starvation.  Sadly, some have been reduced to even eating ants.   One woman told Rev. Cornelius that her daughter was hungry and crying so she was cooking stones just to make her daughter think she was cooking something to eat.   It just shows how desperate these people are.

Rev. Cornelius and volunteers traveled to one of those villages inhabited by Dalits who are unable to work and through the offerings given to this ministry, they were able to hand out bags of rice and bread to many families.   But there are many more still asking for food.  Below are photos of Rev. Cornelius and his helpers preparing rice and packaging cooked rice to be distributed to the poor.  Others bagged uncooked rice in plastic bags to be handed out to those in need.  Most of them are widows and children but some are elderly men unable to work.  

C.M.M. is so very grateful to all of you who have given to this ministry specifically for this cause.   We pray for you daily.  May God richly bless you physically, emotionally, mentally, and especially spiritually.  

Food For India Donation

Children of the village give thanks for the food they have received.


In the above video, Rev. Cornelius expresses his gratitude to those who have given offerings to feed the hungry.  See the photos below of the food being prepared and packaged to be handed out.  Some rice was cooked and packaged to be eaten right away.  Uncooked rice was given in larger amounts to families in need.



Food For India Donation