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Outreach to Ajena- April 29, 2020

On Wednesday, April 29, 2020, the Covenant Messenger Ministries team traveled to Ajena in the Eastern Region of Asuogyaman District approximately 2 and a half hours from the home office of Accra, Ghana.  Just like the rest of the world, Ghana is experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Currently, there are 2,169 cases, 18 deaths, and 229 recoveries.  The team has been praying to God for a cure or deliverance.  Here’s an encouraging message from team member John Harrison:

“The Bible says with God nothing is impossible. He is Our God who heals our diseases. We have faith that this too will pass because Our God will see us through. We are praying for you all and God will make a way. The world will be delivered.  America will be delivered. All CMM members,  partners and branches, and those we are reaching will be delivered.  For our God is able and our trust is in Him. There will be a lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but the Gospel can never be lockdown.”

As the team met and  prayed on Tuesday evening, they felt the peace of God go to Ajena in the Eastern Region. So on they went as usual to preach with the megaphone, wearing masks, and also doing conference calls.  They gave out their phone numbers and received phone calls, leading to some putting their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior! The team stayed from 10am to 11pm.

Out of 31 people who gave their lives to Jesus, 3 people were healed after prayer on the conference calls.  The team prayed with a total of 18 people. Praise God!

The next day, the team also took the opportunity to educate the village people on the importance of wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19, maintaining social distancing, thorough hand washing, and use of hand sanitizers.  In the evening, a Covid-19 relief van stopped and shared food with the people, so Brother David shared the message from one of the Tracts called “Free Lunch” as the people sat and ate their food.  11 people gladly received Jesus making the total number 42 salvations!  Hallelujah!
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Even in the midst of a pandemic, God is working tremendously.  We praise God for working in and through this team to reach the people of Ajena!
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