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Church Construction in India – April 2021

In a remote village in India a faithful congregation of poor villagers dig out the foundation for a new church by hand.  No running water is available nor do they have a water well.  Water is carried to the location.   They are asking for some financial help to be able to finish construction.  Materials needed are cement, tin for a roof, and especially a well for water. 

Click here to see a short video of the work in progress:  https://youtu.be/kYd0jn9QUj8

If you feel led to donate to help them with purchasing materials click on the “Support Us” link at the top-right hand side of the page and choose the “India Church Construction” button on the bottom left side.  You can also choose to send a check in care of the address given on the same page.  Except for a small wiring fee 100% of your donations will go to them.  Donations are tax deductible.

Please pray for these people, who are of the Dalit class, the poorest of the poor in India.