GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Outreach to Bodan – April 8, 2021

PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE GOD!  All things work together for those who love GOD.

We traveled about 2 hours and 45 minutes to Bodan in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  It was a great evangelism experience for us.  People gladly accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior as we shared Gospel tracts, preached, and explained the messages on the tracts.

We shared over 600 tracts and there were an estimated 181 souls who accepted Jesus as Savior.  There was another 18 who rededicated their lives to Christ and one healing.

We thank God for saving these precious souls.  We bless you and all CMM partners who have been supporting us every week.  Working as a team together, we will continue to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

God bless us all for a successful evangelism!

(The CMM evangelism team:  John Harrison, Matthew Kenu, and David Osafo.)