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April Blessings for Grace Children’s Home – India 2021

It is always a blessing to receive photos from Rev. Cornelius in India.   This time we received photos of the children of Grace Children’s Home.   It was a great time for everyone including the children, the staff, and some widows who rely on the Home for food.   We were able to send a little extra support money to the home which permitted Rev. Cornelius to purchase soft drinks for the children.  You can see the smiles on their faces.   Rev. Cornelius has a great heart for the children and also for people in general.

I am always impressed seeing the children and realizing what many of them have had to endure before living at the orphanage but they always seem to have some smiles.  We see them as children today but in a few years they will be adults going into the world and carrying with them the compassion, love, and scriptural knowledge they have learned to share with others.

Julie and I thank you all for your support to this worthy cause.

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