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Christian Pastor Is Beaten For Preaching the Gospel

Just today we received a short video from India of a Christian pastor who was pulled out of his church yesterday and beaten for preaching the Gospel.  In India, where the national and local governments are dominated by Hindus, this is not uncommon.   If such an incident was to be reported to the authorities it would be of no use and might even provoke greater anger, which would result in a worse outcome.  

Pastor Cornelius explains that is the reason they plea for assistance from outside of India.  Practically no support exists from within, either financially or spiritually.  So, please remember to keep Christians and Pastors in India in your prayers, that God would put a hedge around each one and His angels encamped around them, their families, and their properties.  God bless you for caring. 

Here is a link to the video:   Pastor Beaten for Preaching

Please do not share this with others as it just may get back to their enemies and result in a worse situation for them.