Featuring The International School Of Ministries

Covenant Messenger Ministries International Bible School was begun in February 2000. Our vision is to educate as many people as possible in sound doctrine utilizing a curriculum that is affordable for everyone.  We found it and more, in the curriculum of the International School Of Ministries, or I.S.O.M.

The curriculum consists of 160 hours of video lessons by anointed teachers such as:  Dr. A.L. Gill (photo above), Dr. T.L. Osborn; Dr. Marilyn Hickey; Dr. Joyce Meyer; Rev. Ray Comfort and many others.

Average time to complete the course of 5 Trimesters is between 3 to 5 months, depending on the student’s ability to attend classes. Students taking the course only on Saturdays will take about one year.

Below are testimonies about the course from some of the instructors:

DR. T.L. OSBORN: “As far as I know, the development of this Curriculum is the most important thing happening on the earth for the Kingdom of God today.”

DR. MARILYN HICKEY: “People are changed when they get into God’s Word and His Word gets into them. It is the only thing that will produce lasting results and changed lives. I.S.O.M. is preparing thousands worldwide to bring forth the Word… and fruit that remains. I am very thrilled to be a part of it.”

DR. JOYCE MEYER: “The potential of training thousands of leaders from all over the world, via video, is awesome. We support this vision wholeheartedly.”

The I.S.O.M. general course is outlined below:


Foundations of the Faith
Supernatural Living
New Testament Survey
Praise and Worship


Power of Prayer
Ministry of Helps
Old Testament Survey
Essence of the Gospel
Jesus Our Healer Today
Living by Faith


Church-Based Training
Cell Growth & Principle of 12
Power Evangelism
Leaders Integrity
Leadership Vision
Church Planting
Being Led by the Spirit
Promise Keeper


Wilderness Mentalities
Developing Leaders
Cell Group Leaders
Personal Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare
Missions & the Harvest


Christ Connection
Living to Give
Biblical Eldership
Reaching a New Generation
Managing for Tomorrow
Ministering to Youth

In September, 2011 we began to offer a Bachelors Degree Program.   Requirements will be to take all five Trimesters and any five of the seven courses listed below.

Miracle Living
Ministry Module
Understanding Islam Module
Messenger Module
Messianic Module
Spiritual Intimacy Module
Women Of The World Module

In addition to the above, C.M.M. recently added The Way Of The Master Course, an evangelism tool that helps Christians “share their faith” effectively, scripturally–the way Jesus did.

For more information contact:
Covenant Messenger Ministries
P.O. Box 19772
Accra-North – Ghana, W/A
Office Phone: 011 233 302247628
Fax: 011 233 302247628
Mobile: 011 233 277789752
Director: Joseph Boachie-Danquah
Directors mobile: 011 233 20 8209928

Testimonies From Students

The school has help me understand that we have to move from our comfort zone to different places to preach and evangelize.  “Wilderness Mentalities” (one of the courses) has really helped me to develop my character.  I was a gossiper but after going through the course my life is not the same again and I have stop those bad habit.  “Developing Leaders” and “Supernatural Faith” has also helped me to understand the word of God which is the sword of the Spirit.  Am very grateful to everyone who made it possible to bring this school and the school has enriched me in so many areas.

OLIVIA ENIMIL:  Since my childhood I was wishing to do the work of God, etc.   The subjects in the school have helped me and change my life. Before, when am in any other form of problem, I cried a lot than anything.  After “Personal Evangelism”, I have learned that so many things in home and church.  Living to give is my favorite subject and has change my life.

STEPHAN EMAWUMENYO:  I came from a Seventh-Day-Adventists background and in all those years, I didn’t understand the Bible. But now I have come to understand the Bible more, from “Foundations of the Faith” till now God is using every subject to improve my life.  Especially “Power Evangelism” which inspire me a lot.  “Christ Connection” too motivates me and challenge me to share the gospel to the lost and depopulate hell.   My biggest problem was procrastinating but now on ok after going through “Wilderness Mentalities”.   I was stiff but now flexible in the things of God.

PAUL  NYAABAH:  I was the last student but since I came here my personal life has develop in many areas.  “Developing Leaders”, “Being Led By The Spirit” has been my favorite subjects so far.  Before I use to argue a lot and without any benefit but now I evangelism and move on without any argument.   “Leadership Vision” has helped me.  My sermon preparation has also change since we learn about homiletics.

I use to take things lightly as was not serious in anything.  I didn’t know my real identity in Christ.  “Christ Connection” has change my life and I have come to know more of the knowledge of God.  I didn’t believe in tongues speaking and other things but before the end of “Supernatural Living” I was speaking in tongues.  The school has changed my life.  Am now confident in the things of God.

SAMUEL ANSAH:  I didn’t have the interest to come to the school in the beginning but when I came, l can now pray and I use to be a fearful person to share the word of God but by the grace of GOD I can witness and share the word of God wherever I go.  My best subject is “Power Of Prayer”.  Before I couldn’t face criticism, but now I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.

NICHOLAS KUMI:  I was a shy person and didn’t know how to win souls.  Now I can witness on my own and I was a fearful person too. My best subjects are “Supernatural Faith”, “Supernatural Living” and “Foundation Of Faith”.

MR. BASSAN ESSAUN: I was a Muslim and was in a total darkness. I became a believer and not knowing what to do. My life has change drastically since I join the bible school. I use to be indoors all days and now I can go out and win souls. My families are divided because half are Christians and others Muslims.  My children are now turning to Christ.  Now I have peace at home and have also developed a life style of evangelism. T L Osborn is my mentor and he has inspire my life by not fearing the devil because Jesus in the gospel is the same Jesus in me.  So I am a walking Jesus.  I have also know that Jesus is the son of God and has access to God.  Jesus is legal son and Mohammed was a slave.  We follow Jesus who has made us sons but the Islamic religion made me a slave.  I thank God for saving me.

ERIC SARPONG:  Before I came to school there were serious sickness in my family and now through the bible school and prayer they are now healed.  Now the chief of the town accepted the gospel as I went to preach to them.  My best subject is “Spiritual Warfare” and God is using me and the work of God in moving on well.  My life has change, I don’t fight anymore and my wife is okay with me.