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The Testimony of a Graduate of Covenant Messenger Ministries School of the Bible

(Occasionally we hear back from one of the graduates of the Bible school and this is one of the most recent ones.  It’s a blessing to us to know that the course is appreciated but we give all the credit to the Holy Spirit in His leading and His anointing of the teachers)

My name is Rev. Philip Kwame Osei, a head Pastor of Christ Palace Church (End Time Ministries) based in Ghana, West Africa.

I joined your university in the year 2017, pursuing a degree program.  I am very glad I took this decision.  After the graduation of the 2016 class which I assisted in teaching, the diploma class brought a great change in my own life.  The course transformed my life as I studied the handouts and listened to study tapes.

I am a product of Ghana Christian University from 1992-1995.  I was awarded a diploma in pastoral ministry and religious education.   Having been in the teaching sector for many years, I can say that Covenant Messenger Ministries is one of the best Bible Institutions in Ghana.

  1.  All the teachers are Holy Spirit-filled men and women.
  2.  The teaching is very practical.
  3.  Pastors and church leaders can do more than ever before. If we would not put what we have studied under our beds and go all out.


  1. I recommend Covenant Messenger Ministries to all Pastors, Church leaders and Bible schools in Ghana and beyond.
  2. I recommend you start television and radio programs to propagate the Good News of this abled university.
  3. I recommend that a new campus of this university must be treated as a matter of urgency.