GhanaGhana Activity Reports

The Largest Graduation Took Place At East Lagon, Jan. 20, 2018

On January 20, 2018, the largest graduation of the year took place at the Harvest Chapel in East Lagon. This was the second graduation for the school. Last year twenty-two students graduated while forty students graduated this year!   Twenty-one students earned diplomas, eight earned degrees and nine were ordained into the service of our Lord.

The President of the school is Rev. Paul Ansah Asiedu. The school facilitator is Rev. Philip Osei and administration officer is Freeman Darteh.   The auditorium was full and the atmosphere of joy filled the room as the graduates danced to the glory of God. The auditorium accommodates over 400 people.

Photos below:

C.M.M. representative Rev. John Harrison & Rev. Jerry Smith addressing the congregation

Rev. Jerry Smith presenting a diploma

Praying over an ordinand

A group photo of the graduates and faculty