The 70 Weeks of Daniel – (a teaching by Val Black)

It has been said that “God works in mysterious ways” but the more we study the Bible the less the mysteries are to us and instead of mystery, we discover revelations of God’s ways to accomplish His will.

The Book of Daniel is essential to know for every student of Bible prophecy.   It has been described as the Book of Revelation of the Old Testament.   In Daniel, we are shown how God works to bring forth His plans for Israel and mankind in general.   Daniel chapter 9 reveals to the reader the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah and His death.  In chapter 9 we also see the Antichrist dealing with Israel for 7 long years.

The 70 Weeks of Daniel is too long for one podcast so I’ve split it into two parts.   

Click here to listen to part 1:  70 Weeks of Daniel