Pastors Evangelize a Remote Village in India

On February 11, 2021 Rev. Cornelius and other pastors hired a TukTuk (Rickshaw) and traveled to a remote village to share the Gospel.   It was reported no one had ever visited to share the Good News of Jesus Christ before so this was a first.  

The evangelists passed out 40 Gospel tracts and preached the Gospel to 90 people.  There was no word received of any salvations but by the photos the message was well received.  It is certain that if funds are provided to make a return trip, the evangelists will revisit the village and prayerfully, witness many salvations.  

Below are photos sent to us by Rev. Cornelius.   Please consider giving to this cause.  The only means of transportation is the hiring of the rickshaw, which can be costly.  Thank you. 

Bibles for India