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Mountain Tribal Outreach In India – January 11, 2021

(A note from Val:  When all is said and done in this world only one thing that will stand for all of eternity is the answer to the question, “Do you know Jesus as Savior?”.   Your voting preference will not matter, nor will the balance in your checkbook, the home you own, or the car you drive.  The number of friends you have will not matter and whether you have a close relationship with your pastor or priest will be lost in time.   The most important answer to the question asked above is, “Yes! I know Him!”.   The report you see below is a work in progress.  It’s the work of introducing as many as possible to the Son of God, Jesus Christ before He returns.  I hope you appreciate Pastor Cornelius for the burden he has on his heart to reach the unreachable.  God bless you for your support – I have just received notice from India that persecution of Christians is increasing heavily and was advised to delete some photos, so they have been deleted.  Please pray for the church in India)

January 11, 2021

Greetings to you and your family.

Yesterday we have traveled 300 miles together with our team and we are reaching the most unreached dry zone area where the Gospel has not reached.  There are no roads, no transportation, no school, no hospital, no clean water, and just a few very primitive churches.

We hired a tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) and then walked 5 miles to climb a mountain to get to the tribal village.  We shared the Gospel with the people.  Afterwards, we gave a few blankets to some elderly people.  It’s very cold in this location.

Our heart is to reach such places where there is no church, to plant a church and train the pastors to evangelize the unreached people and plant more churches.

Please kindly pray for the pastor of this village.  He doesn’t have a proper church and we are praying for a way to make new church roof.  Also, to drill a water well and provide a bicycle for the pastor.  Bibles are desperately needed for the new converts to grow spiritually.

We need your prayers and support for continuing the Lord’s work in India
Thank you,

Pastor Cornelius

Bibles for India


Bibles for India