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Outreach to Kwahu Miaso – August 10-13, 2021

On August 10, 2021 the Evangelism Team made a long 2 3/4 hour trip to the village of Kwahu Miaso in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on the west shore of Lake Volta.  The name Kwahu is based on its history as a destination of no return: go at your own peril or “ko wu” in Twi, the common dialect of Ghana. 

Here is some driving advice found on the internet for people driving to the area:  “First-time drivers are strictly advised to ensure the road-worthiness of their vehicles, with extra attention paid to break (brake) functions and gear shifts. The steep climb with sharp s-curves is quite demanding even for experienced drivers.”

We thank God for the team’s protection to and from, Kwahu Miaso, and also for keeping their vehicle in running order.

During the team’s three-day visit they shared over 450 Gospel tracts to people on the roads, in shops, and even house-to-house.   By the Grace of God they were able to lead about 98 people to the Lord, including 11 re-dedications by people who had fallen away.   They also prayed for the sick and saw 3 people healed.  The team returned to Accra on the 4th day.

Before leaving, each team member shared their email addresses with the new converts just in case sometime in the future any of them would like to share their experiences in becoming born-again. 

So, this was a successful trip and well-worth the difficult drive for the team.   They all thank those of you who give regularly to this ministry enabling them to take the Good News to their part of the world.  They are especially grateful for your prayers.  May God richly bless you all!

Below are some photos:


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