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Outreach to Empakadan – December 11-12, 2019

Glory be to the Highest!

On December 11-12, 2019 we revisited Empakadan in the Volta Region and preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We shared about 200 tracts, preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. We explained the messages on the tracts to the people and 71 people gave their lives to Jesus!
About 30 people decided to be baptized. We planned to baptize them but because of heavy rains the streams were flooded so we had to postpone the baptisms for another time.

As we went from house to house and street evangelism, we met a man and his son of about 13 years of age. We tried sharing a tract and preach but the father became angry and told us not to try that again or else we will not leave the place alive. We then preached to his son who gladly received Jesus as Lord and savior. The father rushed us in anger, but his son stopped him and said, “These people are serving the true God.” 

Then the boy explained that when we led him to accept Jesus, he saw the heavens open and heard the words, “My son I have an assignment for you.” Upon hearing the son’s testimony, the father asked us to show him our God.  We shared the tract, ‘God Is Not Mad At You” and then he also accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior!

This is the doing of the Lord and its marvelous in our eyes.

– – The C.M.M. Evangelism

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