Ghana Activity Reports

Miracles in Abekwaese!- June 1, 2018

 We often take for granted the ability of mobility.  Walking on two feet and raising both arms seem like mindless tasks, that is, until we experience pain or loss of feeling.  Suddenly, we miss how our bodies originally operated and begin to wonder if life will ever be the same. 

In Abekwaese, three hours from the Covenant Messenger office in Accra, the CMM outreach team by divine appointment met two women.  One woman had not been able to walk for over two years after experiencing a fall down the stairs.  She sat hopeless on a wooden step.    

David and Della laying hands on a woman who could not walk

David and Della laid hands on the woman asking the Lord to heal her.  The Lord heard and the woman stood up and took her first steps after two years!  Praise the Lord!

David helping the woman up.
God healed her!

Another woman could not raise her left arm.  After praying, the Lord healed her.

God healed this woman’s arm by restoring motion. 

The team also preached and shared over 186 tracts.  The people of Abekwaese gladly received the message of Jesus Christ with joy.  As the team shared the Gospel Message, 54 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.   We serve a mighty God!