India is Hungry . . . . For God

We recently announced that Covenant Messenger Ministries has been led of the Lord to support a young man and his father in India.   As we said before, their names and exact location are being withheld from these reports for their safety.  Persecution of Christians in India is growing.   The controlling government is Hindu, which complicates matters even more.   In view of this and in order to identify ones we are talking about in the reports, I’m giving the son the name of Raj and the father, Rev. Dinesh.   

God is working through these two men and accomplishing a lot for the Kingdom of Heaven.   Today we received photos and a report telling about passing out New Testaments to villagers, teaching children about Jesus, visiting a nursing home and praying for the residents, and evangelizing while walking on the road.  Below are photos of Raj teaching and passing out gifts to children.    We earnestly implore you to keep these two men and in fact, all of India in your prayers.