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Feeding The Widows in India – October 30, 2020

The other day I asked Rev. Cornelius in India to begin sending us photos of his everyday activities and include some of Grace Children’s Home.   So, today we received the following photos.    But the first photo needs a little bit of description.  The first photo was taken a few months ago before the Covid-19 pandemic.   Cornelius would travel to the most remote areas where there was no electricity, no sewers, doctors or hospitals and preach the Gospel to the Dalits, the lowest of the classes of people in India.   Since the pandemic his traveling to preach has diminished except to buy food and other needs for the Children’s Home.   

The other photos are of widows who live within walking distance of Grace Children’s Home to receive food.  Rev. Cornelius reports that 47 widows regularly come for food.  

We feel very blessed to be a part of this ministry in India.   

A note just received this morning:  It seems the laptop computer at Grace Children’s Home is old and needs repair or better yet, a new one to replace it.  The computer is essential to reaching others, especially during the pandemic.  Please consider giving some to this cause. 

Food For India Donation

Rev. Cornelius preaching to villagers from a rock

Food For India Donation