Grace Children's Home

Caring For The Hungry In India – October 2020

Pastor Cornelius in India recently sent us the photos below of village children, widows and pastors who are hurting because of the pandemic.   Pastor Cornelius was able to provide food and hygienic items to village children.  He also gave food to the widows and some pastors.   India is 2nd in the world for the highest number of Covid-19 cases.  America being no. 1.   The biggest difference between the two is there is no government assistance to those who are unable to work, widows, etc., especially to these people who are of the lowest class in that nation. 

This is a photo of items for hygiene such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, bathing soaps, coconut oil. Also cooking oil. All the items were given to the village children & widows.
These are pastors who are not able to receive regular tithes and offerings from their congregations because of the pandemic.
These are widows who have come to Grace Children’s Home to receive food packages.
Pastors getting together praying for financial help, relief from the pandemic, etc.
A group photo of village children who have received food and items for hygiene
Rev. Cornelius on the left and another pastor about ready to give bags of rice to pastors.