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C.M.M. Director, Joseph Boachie Danquah, visits the U.S.

On October 25, 2017, the C.M.M. director, Joseph Boachie Danquah, a.k.a., “Boachie”, came to Shenandoah, Iowa to visit with Julie and Val Black, founders of the ministry.   It was a unique time for Boachie as he was privileged to ride with a friend as they combined corn at their farm near Barnard, Missouri.   We also had a great time visiting with the present Catholic priest in Shenandoah, Father Raphael, who is also from Ghana, West Africa, as is Boachie.   During his stay Boachie visited some who were in need of prayer.  He also renewed acquaintances with others who he has known from the past, including Shenandoah Mayor Dick Hunt and his wife Lucille.    Boachie left Shenandoah October 31 and went to Dallas, Texas where he teamed up with his wife, Dora, to return to Ghana on Saturday, November 4.