Bible Prophecy by Val Black

Signs of the end-times are all around us and Jesus could return at any moment.   Sadly, many people are not aware of what is happening in the world that is fulfilling prophecy.  Bible prophecy is not being taught in many churches because of lack of interest, ignorance of prophecy scriptures, or pastors have not been prepared to teach Bible prophecy while attending seminary or Bible school.  

America has been receiving “wake-up” calls from God.  All you have to do is turn on the evening news to see and hear of it but if not familiar with particular scriptures you will not be able to “connect the dots”.  

I thought it was time to begin a podcast and begin to teach as much as I was able.  To begin, the podcasts discuss the Rapture and in fact, seven Raptures that are revealed in the Bible.  

I would encourage you to tune in to them beginning with podcast no. 1, the introduction.  As of today there is a total of 6 podcasts and all are under 30 minutes, most being 20.  So, are you ready?  Let’s begin!  Click on the link which will take you to the main page.  Each podcast has the full script so I would suggest you download the script so you can read along and even print out for future reference. 

God bless!  Here is the link:    Bible Prophecy with Val Black