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The Bethesda Leper Colony in 2022

In April 2022, a special offering was given to the ministry to be used to purchase food for the needy in India.  We notified Rev. Cornelius of the offering and he advised us the money should be used to buy rice for the 60 residents at the Bethesda Leper Colony.   I asked Rev. Cornelius to take photos of the people as they received the bags of rice that was bought with the special offering.  He obliged by taking several photos and forwarding them to us. 

With the exception of an occasional charitable gift, these 60 lepers have not had any help to buy food or medicine.   Most of the time they beg on the streets or for left-over food from hotels.  90% of them are also Dalits, “untouchables” by the caste system in India.   So not only are they untouchables by birth, but they are also untouchables just for having the disease of leprosy. 

Below are photos of them receiving the bags of rice.  Note the joy on most faces and the pallid, indifferent countenance of a few who are no doubt without hope.   

We make an appeal on behalf of this leper colony and would ask those of you who would like to sponsor the Bethesda Leper Colony to make a monthly or one-time offering.   If we can do this and be consistent in our support, the lepers will not only be able to buy food instead of begging for it but will be able to buy medicine which will slow down the effects of leprosy.  A 22-pound bag of rice costs about 400 rupees or $5.50.  An 11 pound (5 kilos) is $2.75.

May God richly bless you.

Photos below.  (Rev. Cornelius is the man in the yellow shirt)

Bethesda Leper Colony




Bethesda Leper Colony