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Outreach to Twidan No. 1 – July 19-21, 2023

A NOTE FROM VAL:  What a great report!   About 20 years ago I asked the CMM Ghana directer Boachie if he thought it would be possible to reach this part of Ghana that was known to be a haven for people practicing witchcraft.  Boachie told me not many people are willing to go there because it wasn’t safe.  Also about that same time our pastor’s wife, Sister Etta Little, called early one morning and said, “Val, God woke me up in the middle of the night and said to tell you to write a tract and call it, “The Promise”.  So with the help of the Holy Spirit, I sat down at the computer and took a few minutes to write the tract.  This was during a period when demand for Gospel tracts from former communistic nations in Eastern Europe had dropped considerably so I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with many of the new tracts.  However, I printed up several thousand and sent them to various places in Africa.  If it took thousands of those tracts for just the result of what you are about to read below, it was well worth the effort.  Thank you for your support, prayerfully and financially.  They do make a difference!

Now the report from Rev. John Harrison, leader of the Outreach Team:

Glory be to JESUS!

We praise Jesus for building a hedge of protection around us!

On the 19th to 21 July, we traveled to Twidan N0. 1 in the Central Region of Ghana.  The journey took us almost 2 hours from Accra to Twidan.   Twidan is a place where people believe that it’s a stronghold for witchcraft in the Central Region. But we, knowing in Whom we believe, preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the people gave their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

One lady we met told us she had a background in the occult but when we offered her our tracts, she took every one of them.  We asked if we could explain the message on the tracts but she refused to hear us.  She said, “If your God is a true God, let Him come and talk with me!”  So, we let her go with the tracts and we went on with evangelizing on the streets.  Forty-five minutes later the same woman knelt before us to surrender her life to Jesus!!!!  According to her testimony, while she was reading the Gospel tract titled, “The Promise”, a voice spoke to her and said, “I am your Creator and I love you.  Believe in me for your salvation and that of your family!”.

Praise the Lord!!!!

In summary of our trip, 487 tracts were shared, 119 people accepted Jesus as Savior, and we witnessed 3 healings.  God was good to us and protected us throughout our visit!   We bless God for you because of your support to us and for making it possible to go to Twidan where God saved this lady.

God bless you all

Rev. John Harrison

Photos below and a link to one video of a testimony.

To hear a short testimony, click on the photo  of the young lady below.  Also, be sure to turn up your volume: 

Photos of the Outreach to Twidan: