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Outreach to Topease – September 12, 2018


That is how Rev. John Harrison began the latest report and it is easy to understand the cause for the excitement:  there are 113 new names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!!!!

On September 12 the outreach team visited Topease, the location of one of the largest rubber plantations in Western Ghana.   They found the people there very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   As they preached the Gospel, they also handed out 300 tracts and explained their meaning to ones with questions.   One woman upon receiving Jesus as Savior was immediately baptized in the Holy Spirit and began praising in tongues.

As previously stated, 113 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ!!   If I’m not mistaken, to this day that is the largest number of salvations in one outreach.   Yes, glory! glory! glory!  And we give all the glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Below are photos:

David & Della begin to witness to a group of women.
They have accepted Jesus as Savior & are praying
David and Della praying with 2 women
David praying with a woman to accept Jesus