GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Outreach to Nkateeso – May 13, 2020


Greetings to you all in Jesus Name!

As the World Health Organization has told us that the CONVID-19 Pandemic is now with us and since no vaccine is available yet, everyone should follow prevention protocols to avoid contracting the disease.  All these prevention protocols are very important since we are dealing with people, but we should also believe God for his divine protection as believers.

On the 13th of may which is Wednesday,  we traveled to Nkateɛso in the Eastern Region at ATIWA DISTRICT.

Since the Convid-19 Pandemic, we only do Evangelism through the preaching of the Gospel with Megaphone and it has been good.  For the first time since the coronavirus came to this world, we started sharing tracts and explain the messages on the tracts and pray with them.  We also shared booklets like LIVING WATERS; THE GREAT NEWS; AND POWER OF PATIENCE.

The people were blessed with the messages on the tracts and booklets and 71 people make a decision to Jesus and accepted Him as Lord and Savior as we shared 231 tracts and 38 booklets.

The people were glad and eager to hear the word of God because of the fear of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We thank God for their lives.  We explained the messages of hope on the tracts and encouraged them to have faith amid the fear. Praise God!

We didn’t record any healing this time though we prayed for the sick.  We bless God for traveling mercies and a successful evangelism activity.

Below are some pictures of the activity.