GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Outreach to Kwaprow- September 25-26, 2019

Greetings in the name of Most High God!

On September 25th and 26th, the Covenant Messenger Ministry Outreach team in Accra, Ghana, traveled three and a half hours to Kwaprow in the Central Region of Ghana near Cape Coast.
They shared tracts,  preached the Gospel, and prayed for people.  God moved by saving 58 people who gave their lives to Christ. They also shared over 189 tracts.  Glory to God!
Two notable healings took place and the joy of the Lord filled the lives of the people and was witnessed by many.
The pictures below show a woman who couldn’t walk for a year due to an accident. Her waist was affected along with her legs. We prayed for her and God healed her.
Glory to God!