GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Outreach To Kpong- October 24-25, 2018

What an honor it is to be able to share the Gospel, preach the Word of God, and pray for people in the name of Jesus.  We are thankful for the freedom to do so and do not take that privilege for granted.
The Covenant Messenger Ministry team traveled to Kpong, which is located in Lower Manya Krobo District in the eastern region of Ghana on Wednesday, October 24.  There was heavy rainfall that day, so the team went out on Thursday to evangelize.
God was so good to them as they shared the Gospel message, passed out tracts, and prayed for several people.  Below are some pictures from their journey.
            Sharing a tract with a young man.
David and Della praying with a young lady to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior
     David and Della praying for a woman.
The team praying for this woman after sharing the “Free Lunch” tract.
The team met a Hare Krishna worshipper and gave him a “Free Lunch” tract.  On their way back to pick up their bags and proceed to Accra, he called them.  What could this man possibly want?   He asked them to tell him more about “Their Jesus.”   The team traveled back to talk with the man and shared how God gave mankind the greatest gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.   By the Spirit of God, the man listened and received Christ as his Lord and Savior!
This man was a former Hare Krishna follower until the Outreach Team introduced him to Jesus Christ!

There’s nothing comparable to witnessing someone leave their old life and begin a new life in Jesus Christ.  Who in your life is God asking you to have boldness and share the Gospel?  Who has He placed in your path?  Ask the Lord to open doors for you, to give you courage, and to prepare the hearts of those who need to hear the Message of Jesus Christ.