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Outreach to Jaipur in Odisha State, India – March 29, 2021

(Below is the report from Rev. Sikila Cornelius)

Dear sirs,

On March 29, 2021, I traveled with my outreach team to Jaipur in Odisha State. It was difficult getting there. It took nearly 6 hours as it is a jungle area, and the roads are not good. We stayed in the village where there was no electricity, no water, no washrooms, and no transportation.

While there I trained 40 people including pastors and the young people who are willing to serve.  I trained them how to plant churches, how to evangelize, and all of them were blessed.  The need is great there.  Many of them do not have transportation, even bicycles. They need megaphones to use in preaching to crowds and especially water wells for clean drinking water.  The people live in the forest, in the dry zone, and different tribes are living in the hills.

We appeal to you to please remember these people and their needs, as there are many.  We are in the last days and I feel it is urgent to remember that every soul is precious and each one must hear the Good News of the Gospel!   Please help us to reach these unreached people for Christ and to plant churches.  We are desperately in need of prayers and financial support for the Lord’s work.

Thank you. In Christ’s Name,

Pastor Cornelius

Below are photos of one of the smaller churches that we visited

One of the small churches visited.
Rev. Cornelius in the center
Small in number but great in their faith.
Rev. Cornelius with the pastor and his family

Here is a link to a video of the church above during praise and worship time:   Praise & Worship

Here is a link to a video of Rev. Cornelius giving a message to the supporters of his ministry:   Rev. Cornelius

Below are photos of the larger church Rev. Cornelius and team taught and encouraged pastors: