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Outreach to Bodwiase, The Central Region of Ghana – March, 2018

On March 13, 2018, the Covenant Messenger Ministries evangelism team traveled to the Central Region of Ghana to the village of Bodwaise.  They were graciously received by members of the Author of Faith Church and together, proceeded to walk the streets of Bodwaise passing out Gospel tracts, praying with people and explaining the message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.   As a result of their witnessing, 49 people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In addition, one young lady afflicted with diabetes confessed that she had considered taking her life because of the distress brought on to her by the disease.   The team prayed for her, she willingly accepted Jesus as her Savior and in fact, she felt she had been healed of the sickness.  Her healing would have to be confirmed by a doctor, of course, but the important fact remains, she is saved and now a child of God!

Covenant Messenger Ministries team members included: John Harrison (leader), Matthew (photographer), Della (Evangelist) and David (Evangelist).  Members of Author Of Faith Church who accompanied the C.M.M. team included:  Linda Darko, Gloria Serwaah, Beatrice Andoh and Joyce Kusi.


Above: The team praying with a group of people                                  Above: Praying with a young lady to receive Jesus as Savior


Above:  Praying with a lady with diabetes to receive Jesus         Above: Team members group photo (Missing is Harrison and Matthew)