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Outreach To Atinpoku – May 22-24, 2019

The outreach team left the office on Wednesday, 22nd of May to go to Atinpoku and returned on the 24th which was Friday.

We got to the village of Atinpoku in the morning hours of 11 a.m.  By God’s grace and to His glory, we preached and shared over 211 tracts with the people of Atinpoku and 57 gave their lives to Christ Jesus.

We were so blessed and happy to see some of the people we shared the word of God with previously when we went there for evangelism.  We followed three of them to a prayer meeting at The Christ Apostolic Church and met others we hadn’t previously known.

The Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Meeting
The Christ Apostolic Church Prayer Meeting

As we preached, we went to the community hospital.  There was a small girl who according to the mother, was suffering from asthma but they didn’t have money for medicine.  David led us in prayer and God healed the child instantly!

A mother holds her child having asthma
David prays for the child
By the Grace of God, the child is healed of asthma!

Praise be the name of God!  Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Covenant Messenger Ministries Evangelism Team