Kiran Babu’s latest Outreach to the Children in India on July 12, 2017

Below is a report from Kiran Babu in regards to the distribution of food to children of the poor. Mostly Hindu, the mission is to introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This took place on July 12, 2017.

Precious Christian greetings to you in the name of Jesus our savior.
We did adventurous ministry yesterday, we are praying to visit this place but its raining heavily.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, we could visit that place along with my wife, her mother and father with 2 youth members and a pastor who is in-charge of that place.

We could give them boiled eggs, ground nuts blocks made of ground nuts and sugar cane syrup. We were told this season ground nut will enable children to prevent from contagious diseases like cough, cold, fever and other sickness which easily attack children and adults.

We distributed them. We directed the pastor to take care of that place every week.

It was very difficult for me to teach one Sunday school song, it took more than 40 minutes to make them learn that, and they could not learn it at the end of the song. Please pray for these people, we do not want them to lose salvation at any cost. We target them to introduce Jesus to each and every child, as they are poor children. We know each and every one is important in the sight of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for us and for the mission that we do among many Indians especially among Hindu background people. Somehow we want to introduce Jesus to them as their personal Savior.

We need your support, prayers and help for this work. So that we could do more and more distribution programs, followed by Gospel work, charity and love of Jesus go hand-in-hand to them.

We also visited Pastor Poul’s place, its my third time adventurous visit. The house and church is located between one big Canal and a small canal (water for crops and paddy fields which comes from Godavari river).

Love in Christ.

Kiran Babu

New images from Kiran Babu in India of the latest outreach to the children.