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Important Gifts For The Orphans – November 2022

Here in the U.S., we take so much for granted.  For instance, when was the last time you went without a toothbrush and/or toothpaste?  How about soap?  For many in India, these items are not taken for granted.  In fact, you could say they are considered to be items of luxury, available only to the “rich”. 

Thanks to many of you, this ministry is able to continue to feed the orphans and pay the staff but sometimes God provides a little extra, and we are able to give more to the orphanage.  That happened recently.  We received a little above the needed amount to feed them so the director, Rev. Cornelius, bought toiletries for the orphans.  Were they glad to get them?  Just look at their faces in the photos. 

If you gave to this cause, we cannot thank you enough.  Let me tell you another reason it is so important to provide for the orphans: Rev. Cornelius has a burden on his heart for the lost, those living in remote villages and there are many.  He has a team of helpers who are pastors/evangelists who God has assigned the burden of evangelizing the people living in those remote villages.  The majority of the villagers are illiterate and being Dalits, are in dire poverty.  When there are enough funds to care for and feed the orphans, Rev. Cornelius and a few of his helpers are able to travel to those villages to evangelize.  He has sent us photos of some of the villages and except for the grace of God, I can’t imagine how the people are able to live.  None of them seem to have good fresh water but use whatever they can find available.   When funds are low and that is most of the time, Rev. Cornelius and the others don’t buy fuel and other necessities to travel to those villages to share the Gospel.   So please continue to give and whether you give or not, prayers for the orphans are appreciated. 

Below are several photos of the orphans when Rev. Cornelius surprised them with the toiletries.  Please note the smiles on their faces!