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Graduation Services Held At Kade, Ghana – October 13, 2018

On October 13, 2018, the Covenant Messenger Bible School held graduation services at the sponsoring church named, Almighty Chapel, at Kade, Ghana, which is approximately 230 miles from Accra.  The school began in April of this year.   Twenty-three students graduated and were awarded diplomas.

Bishop Isaac Abukari and his wife Regina officiated at the graduation.  Bishop Abukari is the elder brother of Rev. John Harrison of C.M.M., who acted as Master of Ceremonies.  The guest speaker was Covenant Messenger Ministries Director, Joseph Boachie Danquah (in white suit).

Also in attendance was Dr. Abednago, (seen in red) a medical doctor who has been assisting the church in many ways and has sponsored some of the students in the school.  He is a blessing to both the church and the school.  In one photo he can be seen holding up a plaque, a gift from the students.

Director Boachie reports that C.M.M. plans to establish three more branches of the school in the same area by the 1st of November, this year.

Photos below:

This was the class in April 2018 when the class first began.
October 13, 2018, the classes have ended and it’s time for graduation. Here the graduates are waiting for services to begin.
After receiving their diplomas
The platform with speakers and officials.
Bishop Isaac Abukari and his wife Regina, Pastors of Almighty Chapel, Kade.
The graduates presenting a gift to Bishop Isaac Abukari
The graduates presented Rev. John Harrison of C.M.M. with a gift
Dr. Abednago is presented a gift in appreciation.
C.M.M. director Boachie, presenting a gift to Dr. Abenago
Boachie presenting a graduate with a gift
C.M.M. director presenting a diploma to a graduate
C.M.M. director presenting a diploma to a graduate
Bishop Isaac Abukari presenting an award
Bishop Isaac Abukari presenting the only woman of the class to attend the school and graduate
Bishop Isaac Abukari’s wife, Regina, dressing a graduate.
   The Covenant Messenger Bible School Class of Kade October 2018
 The Kade Graduation Class of October 13, 2018