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God Is Changing India – One Person At A Time

Although Hindu politicians and other government officials rule the country at every level, from the national to the local, the Holy Spirit is still actively working in India, to change it . . . . . one person at a time.  Any attempt to convert others to Christianity will result in imprisonment, physical beatings, and/or death.  But that does not stop some who are driven by the call on their life to share the Gospel regardless of the consequences.  Such is the like of the founder of Grace Children’s Home, Rev. Sikila Cornelius, and the pastors who work with him to travel to the most remote areas to share the Gospel with the lost.  

Below are photos of a recent evangelism outreach that resulted in the salvation and baptism of 35 people.  

(Please note that the information in this article must not be forwarded or shared with others as government officials regularly check the media outlets to enable them to target pastors and arrest them.  So keep this to yourself but pray for Indian pastors and lay persons who boldly share the Gospel)  


Besides this report, here is a link to a YouTube video of a pastor in India who started with 35 converts to Christianity and God increased that number to 35,000:   REVIVAL IN INDIA.    In order to better understand what is being said in the video, click on the captions button.  See the photo below: