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Free Printable Tracts in English and Spanish

Now you can print out your choice of a variety of tracts in English and Spanish by taking advantage of ministry’s web page offering free tracts.  This is not related in any way to Covenant Messenger Ministries but we know a blessing when we see it and like to share it with you.  

The tracts are set up in PDF a file to be printed on both sides on a standard 8 1/2 X 11-inch copy paper.  Each sheet will produce 3 tracts to be cut from the paper and folded.  

There are many Spanish-speaking people coming into the U.S. today and it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to the only way to Heaven, by faith in Jesus Christ. 

(  Check out why tracts are important and how they work.  Gospel Tracts History  )

Click here for the tracts: