Evangelism in India and Children Celebrating Int’l Women’s Day – March 2021

Rev. Sikila Cornelius and other pastors regularly evangelize villages of poor Dalit, a people of the lower class in India.   The pastors use the “Jesus Film” to effectively share the Gospel and also travel in teams to villages with megaphones to preach the Word of God.  In the various videos sent to us hardly anyone is seen gathering around to listen but even if the people remain secluded in their homes, the power of the megaphone is hard to dismiss.  

One link to a video below shows the children of Grace Children’s Home gathered around a cake with a single candle.  When I first saw this I assumed it was someone’s birthday but Rev. Cornelius informed me they were celebrating Int’l Women’s Day which is celebrated every March 8.   This is very significant because in India there is a deep-seated, socially accepted inferior position of women.  Women are discriminated against daily but it is even more evident when a woman appeals to the police or the governing body of her village for justice after being raped and other incidents including acts of violence towards them.  The authorities often do not pursue these crimes seriously – certainly not nearly as seriously as if it had happened to a man.  So, it is good to see the children celebrating Women’s Day and hopefully, celebrating Women’s Day in India it will have a long-lasting effect on the nation as a whole.   There is a video below of the celebration.  

Below are various photos as described above.  Please consider an offering in support of the children and there is a great need for Bibles.

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To see the pastors evangelizing villages click below:


To watch a video of the lighting of the candle click here: 

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