GhanaGhana Activity Reports

Evangelism at Odumasi Krobo Festival- October 24-25, 2019

The C.M.M. team, Reverend Nartey, Matthew, David, and Harrison, continued their outreach from New Abirem to Odumasi Krobo in the eastern region of Ghana where the Ngmayem Festival was taking place.  “Ngmayem” in the krobo language means Festival of Eating or Celebration of our crops by eating.  During this festival, every family member and chieftaincy divisions return home to celebrate with their families and eat together.  People from all walks of life come and quite an ensemble is displayed as the queen mothers and paramount chiefs enter with drummers drumming and dancers dancing.  They wave as a form of thanksgiving and greetings.

The C.M.M. team took advantage of this occasion and traveled with the intention of evangelizing for the glory of God.  They shared over 1,000 tracts, preached the Gospel, and prayed with over one hundred people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Below are a few pictures from the trip.