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Blankets For India – January 2022

In January Rev. Cornelius in India contacted us to share there was a desperate need for blankets for villagers who could not afford to buy for themselves.   Many people were getting sick and some of the elderly were even dying because of the cold nights without proper means of warming themselves.   Consequently, we did a fundraiser on Facebook and raised money for the blankets.  We wired the money to Rev. Cornelius as soon as possible and the next day he went to several stores and negotiated for the best price.  One store had good-quality blankets for the equivalent of $3.29 each but dropped the price to $2.69 because of buying in quantity.  Rev. Cornelius purchased 50 blankets.  The following day, he traveled 150 miles to a remote village and distributed blankets to the people there.

Since the fundraiser ended, we received additional offerings.  There was enough to buy another 38 blankets!  That was wired to Rev. Cornelius today.  However, he has since come down sick, and now his wife, Theresa, and son, Sunny, are also sick.   Please keep them in your prayers.

Photos below:

Negotiating for and buying, 50 blankets!!
Rev. Cornelius prays over a family who just received new blankets


Villagers who received blankets.  Rev. Cornelius to the left.


Typical mud huts.  Homes to the villagers








These two women above will be warmer this night.

Many thanks to all of you who donated to this cause!  May God bless you abundantly!