Aug Food Dist 2017 – Village – Gollavani Tippa Road, Prakash Nagar Report

In August, 2017, Pastor Poul with Pastor Sagar and Mr. Ramesh, went to the village at Gollavani Tippa Road, Prakash Nagar in India. Usually, Pastor Poul goes to this area weekly to conduct prayer meetings but this time was different. This time the three men of God went to the village to distribute milk and eggs and vitamins to the children of the poor. Besides salvation, the main concern of the men who are ministering is malnutrition among the children. Another concern is the water they have to drink. Many illnesses occur with contaminated drinking water and this area is no exception.

The Aim and Goal of the Pastors is to enable the children to know why the Pastors show love to them by providing all there is to share Good News of Jesus, as Jesus Loves them.