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An Overview of C.M.M. Ghana 2023


“Better late than never” is said and certainly pertains to this update on the 2023 review for C.M.M. Ghana.  In a recent update, the Ghana ministry has now been moved to Holy Spirit Ministries, Int’l., located in Claremore, Oklahoma.  Mrs. Jerry (Paula) Smith, David, and Stacey Limerick are doing a great job at leading the ministry forward.

I (Val Black) recently came across a review of 2023 sent to us by Rev. John Harrison.  Below are excerpts of his message and I apologize that it is being posted so late:

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Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Him be all the Glory and Praise!

2023 was a good year for the Outreach programs as many souls were saved to the Glory of God.  Below is a summary of the Outreach activities in 2023:

9,337 Gospel tracts were shared

2,422 souls accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

380 souls re-dedicated their lives to the Lord.

45 healings were witnessed by the outreach team.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this possible.  We appreciate your immense generosity and the sacrifices you made to bring over 2000 people from darkness to the marvelous light of God through  Jesus Christ.  We say, “God bless you all!”

As a team, we have won this victory for the kingdom of God and there are many more souls to reach as well.  So in this year of 2024, we want to add more people to the outreach team and also train the indigenous people in the communities to set up Bible study groups.

May God bless you all and remember, we have a task to accomplish this year by working for God.

Many blessings to you all.

Rev. John Harrison, CMM Ghana.