GhanaWords of Wisdom by Jerome

A Word Of Wisdom by Jerome – March, 2018

A Word Of Wisdom by Jerome

(Jerome is the son of Joseph Boachie-Danquah, the director of Covenant Messenger Ministries in Accra, Ghana. Jerome is in charge of the video/photography for the ministry and he also has a gift for writing articles that will encourage, strengthen and enrich your life. Below is his latest one)

When life has kicked you down repeatedly, do you want to stay down or do you want to get up and move forward? You want to get up and move forward, by all means. The way to move forward is to look forward. The way to get up is to have a good, driving reason to do so. It is a joy to be alive, and the positive possibilities that spring from the miracle of life, when you connect with them and appreciate them and are truly thankful for them, give you a compelling reason to move forward. At the heart of those possibilities, you’ll find a purpose, a purpose that cannot be denied.

Have a very a good Day