A Testimony: Healed of HIV, Hindu Accepts Jesus As Savior

From India comes two great testimonies.  One will be shared here and the other on another post.    Names are being withheld, except the Name of all Names, Jesus Christ.   

Two scriptures pertaining to this testimony are:

Matthew 9:35, “Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”

Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Now here is the first testimony:

I am age 37 years and I work in a Life insurance Corporation as a Clerk.  I  was born and raised by a Hindu family.   My father  passed away while he was working in the field when I was 25  years old.    My mother is still alive and she is living with my elder brother.

I grew up in a small village.  While there I studied in a government school and after that I joined a college and earned a B.A.   After college I applied for a job and was hired in the LIC department as a Clerk.  My job was located in another town, away from my village so I spent a lot of time in worldly habits drinking, smoking, and having wrong relationships.

After two years later  I suddenly became ill and I went to see the doctor.   I had lost weight and my Hemoglobin is less than 7.  I went through  some medical tests and was diagnosed as having HIV.

At that time my life was full of darkness.   I decided to jump in front of a train and die without telling my family and friends about my disease.   But instead I hid for 10 days in my room and nobody learned about my situation.

One of my close friends who goes to church regularly came to me.   I was full of fear so he talked with me and asked me many times to attend church with him every Sunday.   I told him to pray for my health and then he asked me if anything was wrong and I told him everything.   He told me very clearly not to lose hope and then he prayed for my health and asked me to go with him to church.  I was afraid to go but somehow I went to church on a Sunday.   After church service he took me to the pastor for prayers and told about my condition to the pastor.   The pastor told me to believe in Jesus.  I received a Bible from the pastor and went back home   While there, I started reading the Bible, meditating and praying.

After some weeks I had seen some improvement in my health.   The pastor came by bicycle riding from 10 km (6 miles) away every day.  He prayed for me and after six months I went back to the doctor for a test and to my surprise there is no HIV in my system!  I couldn’t believe it and neither could the  doctor.  He was shocked.    He told me they would do the test again so they did and it came back the same answer:  NO HIV!

I started crying and went to my friend who prayed for me.   I told him everything and he was so happy.  Then we both went to the pastor’s house  to tell him and the pastor was very happy that Jesus completely healed me.  The next Sunday I went to church and during the service the pastor asked me to share this testimony and the whole church rejoiced with me.

I was baptized and am now attending church service regularly.   My mother and brother also  came to know Jesus Christ through my testimony of what the Lord has done.

I was encouraged while I am reading John chapter 14 in the Bible so I decided to share the gospel with my friends at the office.   Outside the office I pray also and give bibles to people.

I would like to take the gospel to the village where I grew up.  I want to see the change of that village as it needs to hear the Gospel.  Please pray for me.    I need a bicycle to reach the people in different villages.

Please pray for me.

Thanking you . . . . . (name is being withheld)