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A New Tour of Grace Children’s Home – India 2022


Pastor Sikila Cornelius recently sent us a short video of Grace Children’s Home after they had done some painting to the compound, inside and out.  Please take about 5 minutes or less to watch the video and if you have comments you can email us with the email address:

The orphanage usually has over 40 children.   Not all of them are included in the video but it gives you an idea of how they begin their day before going to school.  On this particular day, they were blessed with plenty to eat.  That is not true every day.   

If you are not presently supporting the orphanage financially would you please consider a little each month? 

It costs approximately $9 per day for each child.  A 55-pound bag of rice costs about $15.00 and that will feed the orphans, plus a few widows who are without support, for a little over two days.   The orphanage requires about 18 bags (990 pounds) of rice per month.  This cost does not include the price of eggs, vegetables, curry sauce, wages for the staff, etc.  The budget for the orphanage is about $1240 each month.   

At the present time, Covenant Messenger Ministries is their only support.  If you are not able to support the orphanage financially, please keep them in your prayers.  Thank you and may God richly bless you. 

Here is the link to the video:  A TOUR OF GRACE CHILDREN’S HOME  –  2022

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